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March 20, 2013

#onDWRtime: The best timekeepers around.

@simsydc: Book Clock

What fun we had with our Timekeeper Contest in our Instagram community. We asked you to find the coolest timekeeper and tag it with #onDWRtime. We had more than 250 submissions and here are our ten favorites. Which one do you like best? The winners will be announced this week.


@StevePaszt: Saarinen

@daniellefraine: Mantelpiece Minute-Men

@theamyshow: Thrifted alarm clock

@thriftfinddesign: Colorcube Clock

@enggirl99: Sundial

@stefano_dilollo: Modern Masters Clock

@pardonmyvintage: Clock upon an Eames Wire Base Table

@miguelrsantos: Howard Miller

@danny_unites: Nelson Eye Clock


The color cube clock!!! So awesome! :)

Love 'Mantelpiece Minute-Men.'

The eye clock is the best, hands down.

The nelson eye clock is flawless!

Great contest!! :)

My two faves are the Colorcube and the Eye !

I love the color cube and the eye clock! Great pics.

The eye clock is really neat! I've never seen such a unique clock.

Mantle piece minute men is the coolest

My vote is for the Mantelpiece Minute-Men with the Dalí clock!

My favorite is the Book Clock

Mantelpice Minute-Men for the melty Dali-clock!

The "mantelpiece minute men" is very unique!! Love it!!

what a fun contest. I like the colorcube clock the best! fun colors

the eye clock and the colored cube are my fav of the ten clocks

Saarinen clock is a great shot love the black and white. I also really like the cube clock great pop of color!

The eye clock is awesome!

The eye clock is amazing

The eye clock is no doubt my favorite!! Nice form and not taking from something existing.

These are all great - but the book clock is my favorite!

Love the eye clock

i really like the colorcube cool clocks!

Love the book clock!

Book clock, without a doubt.

Love the book clock! I like the surprise element of it - to suddenly notice that there's a clock among the books.

Wow! That eye clock is really great!! Lots of cool images here but the eye rocks. Cheers!

Nelson eye clock is the best !!!

I love the Nelson Eye clock ! it is very a good idea to link the eye with a clock ! Congrats !

eye clock is pretty original

I like the eye clock

cube clock rocks

Love the book clock!

The Eye Clock is really cool. Nice work !

The color cube is my fave good luck

I like the eyeball clock the best. Nice composition, awesome colors.

I think the eye clock is the best, really cool!

Nice job to everyone but my preference goes to the eye clock, I love it ! I definetely want it in my living room !

Cool pics cube clock takes it!

The eye clock and the cube clock are lovely

Love the eye clock, great creativity !

The eye clock is the absolute coolest of all the clocks displayed here!

Thumbs up for the eye one which is pretty cool! congrats, that's a very good job !

the eye clock pic is the best

I think the eye clock is pretty cool and very original! Love it!

Mantelpiece Minute-Men

The eye clock is so original! I vote for it!

Love the book clock!

That eye clock is cool

Neslon eye contact is really interesting. Nice Job Danny ! I vote for it !

I like the book clock the best!

Great top 10 but I think the book clock is the winner! Very tastefully done.

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