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March 20, 2013

#onDWRtime: The best timekeepers around.

@simsydc: Book Clock

What fun we had with our Timekeeper Contest in our Instagram community. We asked you to find the coolest timekeeper and tag it with #onDWRtime. We had more than 250 submissions and here are our ten favorites. Which one do you like best? The winners will be announced this week.


@StevePaszt: Saarinen

@daniellefraine: Mantelpiece Minute-Men

@theamyshow: Thrifted alarm clock

@thriftfinddesign: Colorcube Clock

@enggirl99: Sundial

@stefano_dilollo: Modern Masters Clock

@pardonmyvintage: Clock upon an Eames Wire Base Table

@miguelrsantos: Howard Miller

@danny_unites: Nelson Eye Clock


I am voting for the book clock, hands down!

Nelson eye clock is the most exciting one, and the cube clock is just fun!

I like the eye clock!

The book clock!

The Book Clock, any day!

Got to be the Book clock. Colorful. Functional. Whimsical.

Book clock is quite clever

Definitely the book clock for me!

The eye clock picture is great. Love the strong colors!

The book clock is absolutely next level!

Love the book clock...stands the test of time!

I think the eye clocks pretty cool!

Great clocks! But the book clock is my favorite.

Book clock rocks!

The Eye Clock is very original, it is my favorite. I vote for it.

My favourite is the eye clock! It is the best one

i think the eye clocks pretty cool!!!!!!!

The dali on the mantle!

The eye clock is really cool... I think

I like the eye clock

Book Clock - "hands down" the winner in my book!

The best one is the Book Clock

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