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April 26, 2013

Does this look familiar?

WAAC architects and their chairs

These clever Virginia Tech furniture design students were inspired by an iconic photograph. Can you name it?

The reason for their centerfold pose is an upcoming event at the DWR Georgetown Studio. Starting on May 10, we'll be hosting a nine-day exhibition of their work, interspersed throughout the store alongside the best in modern design. Join us at 6pm on May 10, for the opening reception. RSVP to


1961 shoot from Playboy with the Mid Century Modern Classics furniture designers. Back when they really were trying to make it "about the articles"

I've always said it, midcentury modern design did not really die off in the 70s. The furniture new designers are designing today are very much MCM influenced. If MCM designers are still living today, they most likely will be prolifically competitively designing with young ones today.

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