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April 20, 2013

Happy Record Store Day.

Lap Shelving System

Since 2007, the third Saturday in April has been internationally celebrated as Record Store Day, or RSD, as the cool kids call it. The day's festivities include exclusive vinyl and CD releases, live performances and special appearances at independent record stores. On this day we also remember Storm Thorgerson, the graphic designer who created many of the album covers we continue to covet.

Here's a list of DWR staffers' fave places to score vinyl:


Good Records – Dallas
Cactus Music
– Houston


Gramaphone Records – Chicago
Permanent Records
 – Chicago
Logan Hardware
 – Chicago
Reckless Records
 – Chicago


Amoeba Music – San Francisco, Berkeley and Los Angeles
Streetlight Records
– San Francisco
Aquarius Records
– San Francisco
Warbler Records
– Santa Barbara


Other Music – East Village
Academy Annex
– Williamsburg
Heaven Street
– Bushwick
Permanent Records
 – Greenpoint


Princeton Record Exchange – Princeton


Mississippi Records – Portland
Jackpot Records
– Portland



For Houston, also try All Records on Edloe Street.

Anyone know what the poster in this image is from?

why didn't u pick DWR in Palm Beach-Gregory Galgano is a super manager of that store-and we need to have more Events at that store-he works so very hard and we adore him

you left out probably the largest vinyl record seller in the world - Bananas Music in St. Pete Florida

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