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April 04, 2013

Hello, sunshine: A letter from our President and CEO.

Go to "It takes a village ... and a VW bus" for behind-the-scenes coverage of this photoshoot.

Dear Readers,

Happy spring! We love traveling through the seasons with you. Flowers are poking through the grass, and the days are getting longer. The new season sheds a fresh light on our homes, and this makes me think redecorate.

For indoors and out, we have product to inspire you. This is a time when “outdoors and indoors are inseparable,” said landscape architect Garrett Eckbo. “They are two sides of the same door.”

Indoor-outdoor living is what modernism is all about, and we have many collections that can live on both sides of the door. From the stunning Verden teak dining collection to the classic Tolix Marais tables and chairs, we have indoor-outdoor solutions for spaces of all sizes. At Design Within Reach, we make authentic modern design accessible.

Like you, we are passionate about design. Thank you for believing in us and supporting us. 

Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 10.05.45 AM

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Delighted to see the quote from the late Garrett Eckbo, one of the great modern California landscape architects, and the author of Landscapes for Living and other influential works. His papers are preserved at the Environmental Design Archives at U. C. Berkeley.

My mistake -- the title of Eckbo's book is Landscape for Living (singular)...

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