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April 10, 2013

Piana meanders and mingles in Milan.

DWR Redchairmilan_0025

Leave it to the sociable Piana Chair to make friends easily in Milan. From seeing the sights to becoming a key player in the nighttime party scene, Piana shows us how it's done. All photos by Mark Seelen.

DWR Redchairmilan_0030

DWR Redchairmilan_0033

DWR Redchairmilan_0012

DWR Redchairmilan_0040

DWR Redchairmilan_0049

DWR Redchairmilan_0043

DWR Redchairmilan_0050

DWR Redchairmilan_0053

There are so many folding puns I could use here, but I'll refrain. Piana calls it a night in Milan.



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