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April 09, 2013

One red chair, many Milan ways.

DWR Redchairmilan_0179

We were wondering what would happen if a DWR photographer took a red Piana Chair to Milan. All photos by Mark Seelen.

DWR Redchairmilan_0250

DWR Redchairmilan_0270

DWR Redchairmilan_0275

DWR Redchairmilan_0151

DWR Redchairmilan_0279

DWR Redchairmilan_0286

DWR Redchairmilan_0404

DWR Redchairmilan_0399

DWR Redchairmilan_0396

DWR Redchairmilan_0387

DWR Redchairmilan_0378

DWR Redchairmilan_0365

DWR Redchairmilan_0314

DWR Redchairmilan_0324

DWR Redchairmilan_0336

DWR Redchairmilan_0296

DWR Redchairmilan_0300

Additional photos can be seen in Piana Meanders and Mingles in Milan and Seeing Red (Chairs) at SaloneSatellite in Milan.



These photos are great. I love the chair. I have an Italian cafe table (grey), and I think two of these chairs would look great with the table in my white kitchen!

Good, but unoriginal, idea. Terrible photos.

Great concept and photos!

Wow, these photos make me want to spend $250 on a folding chair!

Trite photos of an overpriced chair.

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