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April 10, 2013

Seeing red (chairs) at SaloneSatellite in Milan.

DWR Redchairmilan_0209
All photos: Mark Seelen

SaloneSatellite was created in 1998 as a place to showcase the work of promising young designers. Many of the prototypes presented at SaloneSatellite have gone into production and the show has helped launch many careers. We went to meet this year's group of emerging stars, many of whom were excited to check out our Piana Chair. All photos by Mark Seelen.

DWR Redchairmilan_0217

DWR Redchairmilan_0228

DWR Redchairmilan_0189

DWR Redchairmilan_0191

DWR Redchairmilan_0197

DWR Redchairmilan_0198

DWR Redchairmilan_0200

DWR Redchairmilan_0206

DWR Redchairmilan_0234

DWR Redchairmilan_0241

DWR Redchairmilan_0243

DWR Redchairmilan_0185

To see this year's catalog of products, download the SaloneSatellite app.


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