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June 11, 2013

Design in a nutshell: Bauhaus.


This short video by Clive Hilton for Open University gives a quick lesson about the Bauhaus. While it is charming and informative, I do disagree with one point. The video states that Marcel Breuer's cantilevered Cesca Chair was inspired by a bicycle, but it was really his Wassily Chair, designed three years before the Cesca, that evolved from the graceful handlebars of the Alder bicycle.

What do you think, how bauhaus is your house?



Hello Gwendolyn,

On behalf of the small team (Matthew, Peter, myself and all at Thought Den), I'd just like to thank you for informed review of our small project. It's great that it's been so kindly received and we're only too ready to admit that we've taken a few tiny liberties in places - as well as missing the odd unintentional blooper! Again, many thanks and best wishes.

Clive Hilton

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