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August 16, 2013

Now for sale: Grossman’s Hurley House.

4 - Hurley House Rear Archival

Greta Magnussen Grossman emigrated from Sweden in 1940 and went on to become one of the originators of the California modern aesthetic. She produced 14 residences over the course of her career – and, while there are only a handful left, her most ambitious and significant, the Hurley House, has just gone on the market for the first time since it was built in 1958.

11 -Greta Magnusson Grossman Portrait

But first, a little more about what a phenomenal badass Grossman was. Here’s a shocking tidbit from the press release about the sale: “Grossman was…Los Angeles’ only independently working female architect-designer from World War II to the mid 1960s.” This ground-breaking woman first made a name for herself as a designer and shop curator with her store Magnusson-Grossman Studio, on Rodeo Drive. The homes she went on to design were highly regarded in the architecture world – nine of them, including the Hurley House, were featured in Arts & Architecture.

1 - Pool at night

The Hurley House is an exquisite example of her skill. She agreed to take on the project after several other (dare I say lesser) architects deemed the lot to be unbuildable, and she went on to design every aspect of the 2,000-square foot space (which was later expanded to 2,700). Concealed from the road, the property expands on the inside, representing a breathtaking example of modern design. Glass walls overlook the city below, while a floating fireplace made of travertine provides material contrast. To accommodate the Hurley’s passion for entertaining, Grossman designed the patio/pool area to be flexible, so the indoor and outdoor environments blend seamlessly into each other.

6 - Livingroom Archival

10 - Schematic Archival

Located in the Hollywood Hills, this stunning example of modern design history could be yours for just $1,795,000. It is listed with Peter Lavin, (323) 376-1964, and Alastair Duncan, (323) 640-2232, Beachwood Team at Links Real Estate.


Where is the Hurley house, please--town and address, please.

Please let us know precisely where the Hurley House is located-town or city, address.

With thanks,

Jeffrey Steingarten

Jeffrey - the Hurley House is located in the Hollywood Hills. The street address is 3320 Wonder View Drive, Los Angeles. It is listed with Peter Lavin, (323) 376-1964, and Alastair Duncan, (323) 640-2232, Beachwood Team at Links Real Estate. -DWR

I love the layout, the glass walls, I want this House!

I love this house. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures.

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