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January 24, 2014

Finalists announced: DWR Champagne Chair Contest.

12. Cupertino Lounge Chair

Cupertino Lounge Chair by Andrew Kligier

Wow. Thank you to everyone who designed a chair for the DWR Champagne Chair Contest. We were delighted to the see the amount of innovation, creativity, originality, thought and time that was put into each and every one of these chairs.

After careful consideration (and really tough decisions) we are ready to announce the 21 Finalists.

53. Floating chair

Floating Chair by Mark Schafer.

8. LeaHoliday

Champagne Chair by leaholiday.

34. Twist Chair

Twist Chair by Maggie Matela

30. michelle rodriguez

Champagne Chair by Michelle Rodriguez

2. Easy Rod Chair

Easy Rod Chair by Alex

10. Julian J Newman

Champagne Chair by Julian J. Newman

13. Relaxation Chair

Relaxation Chair by Monte

15 Facets Chair

Facets Chair

16. Mimosa Lawn Chair

Mimosa Lawn Chair by Regan Spurlock

18. For the good room

For the good room by Patrick Welsh

20. Nesting Chair in champagne bubble

Nesting Chair in Champagne Bubble by Jill Orlov

21. AT Chair

At Chair 

23. Sandalee

Sandalee by Raymond Olive

38. Maleiva's Champagne Chair

Maleiva Chair by Miguel Angel Leiva

40. Rocking Dog

Rocking Dog by Saori Takei

44.  Snøøze Armchair

Snooze Armchair by FCS

50. CHAIR#2014


60. Petal chair

Petal Chair by Crista

64. Infinity chair

Infinity Chair by Rick Yamauchi

66. Lounge pod

Lounge Pod by dforonda

A sincere thank you to everyone who entered the DWR Champagne Chair Contest. We will be picking the three winners this week and announcing them on January 29. View the entire gallery of submissions we received here.

Who should win?

Now we want to know which are your favorites. Tell us in the comment section below, on FacebookTwitter or Instagram (@designwithinreach). Don't forget to use #DWRChampagneChair. 


Maggie Matela, Twist Chair!!!!!

Kudos to all of the participants. I am particularly impressed with the Twist Chair by Maggie Matela. Functional & Eclectic...fine work.


The twist chair gets my vote! Plausible design for a full-scale chair. Love that it's not an iteration of an existing design...fresh and unique perspective!

maggie matela - twist chair

Hi there
I just saw that I am a finalist but never received notification . I am wondering if only the top 10 were notified? I am aware that finalists are supposed to ship their chairs so just want to make sure I am doing everything I should be doing and not missing any steps. I am very very honored to be considered. Thank you!
My chair: "champagne chair by lea holiday"

Well, these are all amazing. I think I have to go with leaholiday's entry - because it is so inventive and breaks out of the traditional conception of "chair"
I also like Nesting Chair in Champagne Bubble by Jill Orlov and Maleiva Chair by Miguel Angel Leiva.

the twist chair. by far the best!

Hi Rosanne,
Yes, we need you to send in your chair. We commented on your photo on Instagram. Apologies if you didn't receive the message. Please send in your chair to Design Within Reach ATTN: Marketing 711 Canal St. 3rd Fl. Stamford, CT 06902
Final judging is tomorrow afternoon so it'd be awesome if you could overnight it to us.
Let me know if you have any questions –

My vote goes to Easy Rod Chair by Alex, functional,simple and unique design. Great way to play with angles!

Thank you Lauren
I will hand deliver my chair to the offices in Stamford. If I can get what time exactly in the afternoon the judging will take place, I would very much appreciate it.

I'd love to have a twist chair full size. I bet it would be fun to twist it back and forth.

The petal chair is great too. so dainty!

Fun contest, I look forward to it each year.

SNOOZE by FCS. Looks like a nice place to snuggle with your babe.

Twist Chair by Maggie Matela is the most creative. It gets my vote.

Wow, I can't imagine how much time it took to build some of these chairs. My favorites are the Relaxation chair, Mimosa Lawn chair, #2014 chair and the Petal chair.

Too bad I didn't make any of them!!

OMG the Champaign Chair by leaholiday is CRAZY AWESOME. There's actually a restaurant in DC that has a tree-chair like this in the middle of the restaurant -- it makes the whole space enchanting.

Hello Lauren
I am still waiting to receive my chair from Fed Ex. It was in Miami and was shipped overnight to NY (where I am now) but due to weather conditions, there is a delay. I will definitely not be able to deliver to Stamford by 2.30. I am wondering when is the absolute latest time I can deliver my chair by? In the spirit of the contest, I will do my best to race against time! If you think it is fruitless at this point to try to make the train to Stamford, I understand. Thank you for your advice

Hi Rosanne,
No need to rush to get here. We have photos of your chair and it will still be considered for judging. Thanks for trying!
Please send it in when you can. We'll be photographing all of the finalists.

Thank you Lauren. In that case, pls expect the chair to arrive in the mail by the end of the week. I have a plane to catch today and will have a friend ship the chair to you. Hope that's ok
Thank you for all your help!


Thank you for selecting me as a finalist.
I never got a email but just discovered today I made the cut. I do apologize for not sending in the chair.
I will send it in ASAP. Just realized the judging is today. All great entries!

Rick Yamauchi - Infinity Chair


I just realized I made the 21 finalists.
I apologize for not sending the chair in for judging.
I never got a confirmation.
I will deliver ASAP to the address.
Design Within Reach ATTN: Marketing 711 Canal St. 3rd Fl. Stamford, CT 06902
Thank you. All great entries!
Rick Yamauchi - Infinity Chair

Looks like the only lounge pad of dforonda that rocks and swivel, very functional.

I loved the twist chair by Maggie Matela. Looks mod but retro love it.

Hello, Like other contestants, i received no notification that I was a finalist. I am only seeing this page now because we wondered who had won, and presumed I had not been selected as finalist. I request tht you extend the deadline to mail the chairs. Thank you.

The easy rod chair is impressive. There are at least two chairs there that clearly did not use the materials from a champagne bottle and used cork sheet instead. I hope that will be taken into consideration...

Hi Miguel,
The email address we have from you didn't go through. It said that email wasn't valid. Please email for more information on how to send in your chair. We've already had the judging and will be announcing the winners tomorrow, but we'd like to receive your chair and photograph it to be on display.

Thank you for choosing my chair...."relaxation"...I sent it in ...hope it arrived ok...Adrian..the cork is shaved from a real champagne cork!!!! When will the winners be selected

when will the winners be announced?

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