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March 24, 2014

Shigeru Ban named 2014 Pritzker Prize Laureate.

Photo courtesy of Shigeru Ban Architects.

Japanese architect Shigeru Ban has been awarded the 2014 Pritzker Architecture Prize, the industry's highest honor. "He is an outstanding architect who, for twenty years, has been responding with creativity and high quality design to extreme situations caused by devastating natural disasters," cites the Pritzker Jury. "His creative approach and innovation, especially related to building materials and structures, not merely good intentions, are present in all his works."

Cardboard Cathedral, 2013, Christchurch, New Zealand. Photo by Stephen Goodenough.

Naked House, 2000, Saitama, Japan. Photo by Hiroyuki Hirai.

Japan Pavilion, Expo 2000 Hannover, 2000, Germany. Photo by Hiroyuki Hirai.

Paper Log House, 2001, Bhuj, India. Photo by Kartikeya Shodhan.

Paper Log House, 2001, Bhuj, India. Photo by Kartikeya Shodhan.

Haesley Nine Bridges Golf Club House, 2010, Korea. Photo by Hiroyuki Hirai.



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