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September 19, 2014

Inside Copenhagen’s Höst restaurant,
a masterpiece from Norm Architects.

Untitled 3110

New Norm Dinnerware was the cornerstone of inspiration for Höst restaurant.

You step in off the street in Copenhagen and are immediately transported to a farmhouse in the Danish countryside. Or are you? The expanses of reclaimed wood used for tables, shelves and ceiling surfaces suggest rustic cottage. But whitewashed brick and industrial light fixtures speak urban warehouse. A little bit country, a little bit city.

Welcome to Höst, a restaurant designed top to bottom by architects and partners Kasper Rønn and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen of Norm Architects, also based in Copenhagen. Höst recently won best restaurant design awards in two categories, European and International, from Restaurant & Bar Design, an independent organization based in London.

The accolades are especially significant because Norm designed not only the structural space, as architects do, but also the shelving, tables, light fixtures, curtains, dinnerware and glassware. “The only things we didn’t design were chairs and cutlery,” says Bjerre-Poulsen.

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a masterpiece from Norm Architects." »

It's here! The Knoll Annual Sale at DWR.


The Knoll® Annual Sale at DWR has begun! Save on classics by Saarinen, Platner, Mies, Breuer and others. This is the only time this year that the entire Knoll assortment is on sale, and you'll find it in stock and ready to ship at DWR (translation: fast delivery for you!). Shop the Knoll Sale at or your local DWR Studio


September 18, 2014

As seen in today's New York Times.


“There are more spatial and structural aspects to products designed by architects,” says Alexander Gorlin in today's New York Times. To prove his point, he went shopping for "Housewares by Modern Architects" with the Times in tow.

At Design Within Reach, he was drawn to the exaggerated sensuality of the Pelican chair by the Danish architect Finn Juhl. "It almost looks like a caricature of some creature," he said. "I love chairs that are animated like this.” Read more at

September 04, 2014

The Annual Dining Sale has begun!


Find everything you need for modern dining – tables, chairs, stools, storage and accessories – and save 15% during the Annual Dining Sale. The sale even includes the new Odin Extension Table by Norm Architects and the Bacco Chair by Omar De Biaggio, as well as the much-loved Globus Chair from Stua and the iconic Marais Chair from Tolix. Shop the sale at, DWR Studios or by calling us at 1.800.944.2233. Bon appétit!

September 03, 2014

Emeco Chair vs. the Window Drop Test.


Would your furniture survive being tossed out a window? The answer is "yes" if you own 1006 Navy Chairs. Designed by Emeco in 1944 to satisfy the military’s need for lightweight, corrosion-resistant chairs for destroyers and submarines, the Navy Chair is so durable that it has an estimated life span of 150 years. Add that to the fact that it's made from 80% recycled aluminum and you'll quickly realize why Emeco is the chair to know.