Uchronia (or the Belgian Waffle)


Burning Man, the annual gathering of artists, counterculture creatives and those who fancy themselves as such, hit the Nevada desert as usual the week preceding Labor Day weekend. One difference this year was the presence of Quinze & Milan art director (and designer of the ever-popular Primary Pouf), Arne Quinze (above) and his cohort Jan Kriekels (who also happens to be the art director of Jaga). The two collaborated on an installation called Uchronia – a structure that consisted “150 km of timber with a floor span of 60 by 30 meters in the center, and a height of 15 meters,” according to the Uchronians’ website, but somehow still managed to look fluid. Familiarly known around the playa as the Belgian Waffle, Uchronia provided one of the most mind-blowing spectacles when it was set aflame at the end of the week. Their somewhat obliquely worded website (“We came from a place where freedom was achieved a long time ago. From above we have been watching you human spirits yearning for liberty.”) has some impressive footage of the process of creating the piece, chock full of dusty images of half-naked, goggle-clad volunteers. Makes you sweat just looking at them.

A clip of the building of the structure can be found here, unfortunately most of the conversation is in Dutch.