Garbage goes gorgeous


I love to read about people making things for a living, especially using found objects. I make up a lot of my own projects or try to recreate things I see, though not for a living. When people ask if I’m an artist I usually say I’m “crafty.” I’m not sure why I always feel compelled to make that distinction. I think it’s the “by hand” aspect that connects me to some of the designs I see. I just bought a chandelier from Home Depot and then updated it to make it more me. I painted it all white and added fabric over the chain that connects it to the ceiling mount. But enough about my projects (that aren’t for sale), here’s some that might be soon. South African designer/artist, Heath Nash, collects recycled bottles, cleans them, cuts them by hand into intricate flowers and makes beautiful light shades with them. This interview about his designs is wonderfully detailed and has lots of pictures. Big props to Ping Magazine for making it so easy to follow.