Geometric Girard


Last week I went to the Alexander Girard: Vibrant Modern opening at the SFMOMA. Totally ahead of his time it seems to me, Girard had an eye for mixing modern and folk and creating something entirely unique. His restaurant design at La Fonda del Sol in New York may have been the first time anyone looked at dining as entertainment. One day soon I hope I can make it to see Girard’s vast collection of folk art at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe. The exhibit at the SFMOMA, while small, just whet my appetite to learn more. For now the cute little t-shirts I bought for my niece and nephew at the MOMA store will have to suffice. Btw, how about this pic I took with my cellphone, not bad.

You can read more about Girard in our designer bio section. And, we just launched a set of his dolls that you can pick up for yourself here.