How does your garden grow?


Last holiday we carried an interesting item called the Streamgarden Hydroponics, which let you plant whatever you want inside. Taking care of a full-size garden is a ton of work and many homes lack a yard, so the idea of an indoor garden, and its smaller, more manageable scale, really intrigued me. I got a random email from a customer looking for the Streamgarden, which we no longer carry, but it sent me off to the vendors website,, and that’s when I saw this little idea on a bigger, cooler, grander scale. It’s called a Plantwall, it’s a garden wall that self waters. Gorgeous, right? The way Green Fortune presents the item seems more tailored to retail and public spaces, but what do you think about making it available on a slightly smaller scale as something Design Within Reach sold? Is it something you might be interested in buying? Send us your comments.