Art meets commerce.


In October, Lexus, the swanky luxury car manufacturer, launched not only their new LS Sedan, but a gallery installation surrounding the LS launch called “Light and Speed.” (LS, get it?) Blurring the lines between marketing, art and design, “Light and Speed,” will hit four U.S. cities as part of the 460 Gallery, spreading contemporary art – and the word about the new LS – across the country. What particularly piqued the interest of the DWR bloggers is Arne Quinze’s contribution. As we’ve mentioned previously, Arne Quinze, the art director of Quinze & Milan, reached a whole new audience in the Nevada desert this year with his Burning Man installation, Uchronia. Echoing the fluidity and structure of Uchronia, his Lexus/460  Gallery installation, TimeGate, is made entirely of 2x4s. Is there an inherent contradiction in an artist creating a similar piece for Burning Man (an annual celebration of art for art’s sake and unfettered self-expression), as for a company launching a luxury vehicle that starts at $61,000? Or is Lexus’ 460 Degrees Gallery just one more venue, one more outlet for artists to get their work seen? What do you think?