Students ace DWR midterm


California College of the Arts (CCA) and DWR have teamed up to host a class, Furniture for Production, in which students are developing seating solutions for contract and residential markets. For the midterm, students were asked to design a full-scale foamcore chair that supports their weight. The only material allowed was one 4’x 8′ sheet of half-inch foamcare. No glue or fasteners could be used. Oh, and as if that wasn’t challenging enough, they had to create a design that could ship flat and be assembled on site. The innovative solutions included a rocking chair, a folding chair and a chair assembled with dovetailed joinery. One student even peeled the hard coating off parts of the foamcore to give his chair a shaggy texture. The result was more Muppet noir than cute. “A piece of evil should be in every project,” said the student.

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