“I hate camping.”


Or so says Marcel Wanders in his latest design jaunt with Puma to bring some fun into the outdoor lounging realm. I love the idea of making camping/life outside more than just yellow and black gore-tex and green coleman grills. This is what crossed my mind today as my co-worker Karen John handed me a gold and black marketing book from one of our favorite Dutch designers, Marcel Wanders. Wanders teamed up with Puma to launch products designed a camping/beach/lounge experience. The line includes a shade structure, coolers, beach balls, flip flops and bags, all jazzed up with his black and white prints. Wanders and Puma seem like a match made in heaven. The line will be in stores this week. For now, I’m going to play with the marketing book, it has cutouts and dolls so I can pretend camp, all from the comfort of my desk. Now how about a desk meets tent type of thing?