Perks of Being a Wallflower


As you might have noticed in recent DWR catalogs, our art direction team has been spicing up our photography through the use of wallpapers that act as decorative backdrops to some of our more streamlined products. We’ve received many questions from customers asking where these can be purchased, so we’re more than happy to hook you up with a link to the Cole and Sons site. Their wallpaper designs range from the feminine to over the top (in a good way).

Even more adventurous are the designs from Nama Rococo, a wallpaper studio that claims to draw influence from the French artist Watteau, Chinese hand-scroll paintings from the Qing Dynasty and Funkadelic album covers. Not only are their wallpapers striking, but their website is fun to explore.>

Being a renter and someone who constantly likes to mix up my environment, I’m always looking for ways to customize my home on a whim. These designs might just do the trick.