Pursuit of quality.


The launch of the limited edition 20-06 Chair from Emeco and Foster + Associates (which is available only at DWR, I might add), was the perfect excuse to find out more about Norman Foster, a true living legend of architecture. His firm, Foster + Partners, has a positively staggering international portfolio. Start to look at their projects – which include London’s Millennium Bridge, the Bilbao Metro, Wembly Stadium and the Beijing International Airport (set to open in 2008), just to name a very few – and it becomes clear that their understanding of the big picture is remarkable. Whether it’s the London skyline or the Swiss Alps (check out my personal favorite, the Chesa Futura apartment building in St. Moritz; shown above), Foster and his team build structures that somehow manage to simultaneously stand out and blend into their surroundings. Thus, it’s so very exciting that they’ve gone from macro to slightly more micro with the launch of the 20-06 Chair. Their partnership with Emeco makes perfect sense – both strongly value the pursuit of quality and environmental-consciousness in their work. Definitely worth checking out.

Learn more about Foster’s approach and the emphasis he places on creating green architecture with this piece he wrote for CNN and find out more about his background and upbringing here.