Eco Modern


The DWR Boulder Studio hosted “Eco Modern: Green Design from the
University of Colorado” on December 8. The event, the culmination of a
collaboration with the <ahtm”>College of Architecture and Planning’s “Green
Tech” course, showcased the work of undergraduate architecture students.
The students were challenged to design and fabricate sustainable
furniture prototypes with a “cradle-to-cradle” emphasis on materiality,
embodied energy, lifecycle and minimal waste production techniques. Our
involvement included meeting with students at the beginning of each of
three semesters and participating in their mid-term and final critiques
to help them refine their designs. The best designs were selected for
exhibition at the Boulder studio. We were blown away by the energy,
attention to detail, and investment in their prototypes. Some guests
were hard-pressed to discern the student work from the DWR assortment,
which students considered the ultimate compliment.

Posted by Meghan Sheedy, Boulder Studio