Plastic Fantastic


The set of ABC’s runaway hit Ugly Betty is anything but ugly.  It is a fabulous, colorful, plastic wonderland in bright white and neon orange.  I simply adore it.

Most scenes on the Salma Hayek-produced show take place at the headquarters of Mode Magazine, a mythical fashion rag, where Betty just doesn’t seem to fit in. The furniture however certainly does.  Glossy lacquers and orange Plexiglas abound and many pieces from DWR’s collection take center stage.  A pair of ERO/S chairs sit before the editor’s desk, conference rooms are outfitted in orange Panton chairs and lounge areas feature Prince Aha stools.

The sets could read as color overkill. They might be too colorful, too plastic, too contrived.  But it works for me.  Plastic is fantastic after all.  Just ask Kartell.