The Architects of Venice

Richmond Touraine House

Last week’s New York Times had a great story on the Venice, California, home of the architect husband and wife team of Deborah Richmond and Olivier Touraine.  The one-time rivals (she worked for Rem Koolhaas and he for Jean Nouvel) have recently finished their interesting and pretty-near-perfect home amongst the architectural hodge-podge of this up and coming neighborhood. Architects are flocking to Venice in droves.  Gehry is building himself a place three blocks away.

The house was originally purchased at "$337,000 for a 3,900-square-foot plot and a two-story stucco house from 1951." They kept the house and use it as an office and rental unit and built the modern second home "in 2005 for $410,000, or about $275 a square foot," considerably less than other highly designed California homes.

The pictures don’t lie.  The house is a modernist dream: walls of glass, economical ideas and innovative materials. They call it their "our own little mixed-use development." I call it stunning.