Post-renovation depression.


The New York Times this week ran a story on “post-renovation depression” and it made me very nervous.  As someone in the midst of renovating a new house and who comes in contact daily with people renovating their homes via DWR’s UWS Manhattan Studio, I had just assumed that most people are happy after renovations end.  The Times says many others experience just the opposite sensation.

Holes in the wall are suddenly replaced by holes in one’s life once the architects and contractors pack up and go.  One woman featured in the story stated, “There is a place where I unconsciously believed that remodeling the kitchen would remodel my life. While I definitely believe our interiors have a huge impact on our happiness (I often claim my Eames lounge has changed my life), I am hopeful that those suffering from this form of depression are few and far between. 

And if you are experiencing post-renovation depression,” you may want to splurge on that Eames chair.  Sitting in it on a lazy Sunday morning reading The Times just might be the cure-all to any depression.