Dining By Design 2007


Recently DWR was approached by the New York Times to help them design their table at DIFFA’s Dining by Design in New York. Michael Davis in our Chelsea Studio took on the project and here’s a recap of the experience:

I have always known about this event, but never thought I would have the opportunity to participate so directly. I had an image in my head of a fantasy world and suddenly remembered an artist (Diana Bryan) whose work reminded me of Tim Burton’s animation. I found an image called “New Hampshire Hotel” that she did for the New York Times Book Review over 20 years ago and I wanted this to be the walls for my design. The three surrounding walls were die-cut in PVC material and a half inch thick, which came to life when finished, immersing diners in the artwork. I designed the centerpiece, which was produced in black acrylic to house the very cool Vitra miniatures. For the dining space, I used the Cross Extension Table in oak and red Globus Chairs from Stua, which are exclusive to DWR.

Without the lighting, the room felt naked, but once the Arco Lamps were installed, the space felt intimate and inviting. I knew I went in the right design direction when Mr. Druckman, who is the President of the New York Design Center, said that my table was his favorite, I was shocked. Even Ted Allen from Queer Eye who was next to my table loved it. Also Michael Tavano and Vicente Wolf (who borrowed Panton Chairs from DWR for his table) expressed their words of “wow.”

The design represented an open approach to what design means to me and incorporated classics with new designs, which is a true view of DWR products. I was happy that my skills and the hard work of those who donated their time and products could be used for such a great cause like DIFFA.

Michael Davis
Account Executive – DWR Chelsea Studio