Save the glass.


Today marks the opening of the Philip Johnson Glass House. Located in New Canaan, CT the house is the newest historic site being run by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. The house and its surrounding buildings on 47-acres embody architect Philip Johnson’s modernist experimentation with forms and materials and, lucky us, it’s now open to the public (by appointment only). The site’s mission is to be a center point and catalyst for the preservation of modern architecture, art and landscape. Sign up now to get on their mailing list, maybe you’ll even get an invite to their gala picnic in June. Even better, make your plans now to head out to Connecticut to take your very own tour with enough time to snap some pics and be inspired by this one-of-a-kind design icon.

The list of buildings being run by the NTHP is impressive to say the least, so take some time to check those out as well.