Not bored with Tord.


Dutch designer Tord Boontje’s career is celebrated in the new coffee table topper Tord Boontje published by Rizzoli. The book is a fitting tribute to the man who has designed for Moroso, Swarovski and Artecnica. The book features sketches, design renderings, and text written by former Craft editor Martina Margetts.  Boontje’s work is always a tactile experience and the book is a testament to his history of working with cut paper.  As described by Rizzoli, the book is “an art object in itself, featuring a number of custom printing effects—stencils, perforated and die-cut pages, and textured and woven details—that capture the intricacy of Boontje’s approach to pattern-making.” We’re excited as Boontje has recently collaborated on a new rug with Nani Marquina that will be available via DWR in the near future.