In the bag.


Many women, and more and more men, have bag fetishes. We’ve all heard of months-long wait lists for Hermes and Louis Vuitton bags.  Here in NYC I know girls who pay their rent late due to splurges on Marc Jacobs purses. I used to laugh at them, but now I’ve become one of them.

It all started with my marathon training. Schlepping all my gear (running sneakers, iPod, Kiehl’s bottles and the New York Times) was taking its toll.  I went out looking for the perfectly designed bag. And I found it. Goyard’s classic tote first caught my eye while in Europe last year. They were everywhere and were being carried by everyone regardless of age, sex, or look.

The reason I dare call it the perfect design lies in the bag’s simplicity and function. It is big enough to hold gym clothes, magazines and schoolbooks. Plus, the painted canvas tote is hand-stenciled, waterproof and reversible.  Goyard doesn’t change out its styles each season, and since 1853 (they’re the oldest luggage maker in the world) the company has made simple trunks, bags and luggage. One person makes each bag from beginning to end. Yes I am sucker for a sale’s pitch, but the Goyard tote lives up to the hype.  It proves Mies van der Rohe’s notion that “less is more.” Unless, of course, you’re talking about price. And, yes, that’s me. Maybe I have a possible new career in the modeling biz.