The view from Palm Springs: Vol. 2.


In the two weeks that the DWR photo team spent in Palm Springs last January, we sure made some nice new friends. Clothing designer Trina Turk took the time to meet with me and Aaron Hom, our stylist. Trina’s clothing is available in high-end boutiques all over. What I like about her work is that it clearly reflects style a specific period in time (late ’60s, early ’70s), but without being retro. It’s like the new versions of the Beetle or the Mini: clearly an update on classic designs, while still feeling current. The Airstream trailer of clothing, if you will.

Trina and her husband, photographer Jonathan Skow, own an historic home in Palm Springs known as the Ship of the Desert. They’ve done a meticulous job of restoring and preserving this piece of West Coast modernism. Perhaps one day they’ll let us do a shoot there.

Trina and Jonathan were very gracious and welcoming, directing us to other homes for potential locations, second hand stores for propping and let us use anything we wanted from Trina’s store in Palm Springs. She even sent down an entire box of samples from her headquarters in L.A. We hope to get the opportunity to return the favor, should they find themselves in the Bay Area.

Posted by Michael Sainato, DWR art director