A sad Blow.


When I heard earlier this week that Isabella Blow died my heart sunk a little. She was the English fashion muse who discovered John Galliano and Alexander McQueen. She was the woman who actually wore Philip Treacy hats. And shockingly, she pulled them off. McQueen called her "the most interesting person I ever met." I bet. I had no clue of the depression she was plagued with. Today the New York Times delved into her life and set the record straight. Ms. Blow felt left behind by Mr. McQueen, financially she was a mess and she attempted suicide twice this year. One of those attempts left her with broken legs after jumping from an overpass. Outside the world of fashion insiders Ms. Blow’s name would most likely go unnoticed. But to those of us that eat, breathe and sleep clothing she was an icon and a true individual. In hindsight you could say she hid behind those monstrous hats, their size matching her sadness. She’ll be missed.