2nd home blues.


Last week the New York Times ran a story on the despair of owing a 2nd home and, as someone who recently purchased one, I can easily see where things could go wrong quickly.  My partner and I are currently renovating a second home in upstate New York and it’s been quite a hit to the old pocketbook.  New siding, floors, windows and kitchens all begin to add up.  But we (and by we I mean mostly him) have decided to do a lot of these things ourselves, saving costs and allowing us complete creative control.  Some expenses have been unexpected (a new water filtration system, ridiculous gas heating costs during winter), but by and large the experience has been positive.

As most Manhattanites can attest just the fact that having a place to put our things is calming. And we’ve found ways to save here and there. A few ways we’ve cut costs have been to shop on eBay (where we got our Viking Stove), do many of the projects ourselves and to outfit the space at DWR’s Annex. Seriously, even if I did not work for DWR it would be the best place to outfit a modern house on a budget. Now if only they could help me wallpaper.