Road trip!


AAA estimates that that 38.3 million Americans will be hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend. As summer begins, it’s hard to resist the lure of the open road (well, gas prices notwithstanding…). Which is why now is a great time to introduce the first ever Design Within Reach Airstream travel trailer. It’s sleek, it’s silver and it’s stocked with some very slick accoutrements for the modern traveler. Tom Dixon’s Wire Coatrack, Heller Dinnerware, two Tripolina Chairs and George Nelson’s Ball Clock all come with it. Even a pillow covered in Paul Smith’s Modulating Stripe fabric from Maharam. But that’s only the beginning. Get the whole story here. Designer Chris Deam did such a stunning job in pulling it together, the DWR Airstream probably could have won the Apartment Therapy Smallest, Coolest Contest. Huh. I wonder if they would have let us enter.