The calm before the storm.


One more day before the launch of the highly anticipated Apple iPhone. Newspaper and radio reporters have been buzzing around the Town Square looking to gather bits of information on tomorrows launch. The predicted rain won’t stop anyone from holding their place in line. I’ve received several calls from past customers wanting to know how good my relationship was with the team at Apple. Most want me to get them a “hook up”, or pick up two phones for them since I’m just next door. My reply is “sorry, I don’t even get special treatment.” One friend I made is actually getting paid $200 to stand in line. He’ll be here tomorrow morning, 10a.m. sharp; mind you, they won’t start selling the phone until 6pm. Can you say “Depends”?

Since I like to be a good neighbor, I’ve arranged for sodas, water, energy drinks and snacks from a local restaurant, Taco Diner, to be provided here in the studio. We’ll also be doing a drawing for a $250 DWR Gift Certificate. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello. Just be careful not to cut the line.

Posted by E. David Goltl, Proprietor-DWR Southlake Studio.