Andre Breton would be proud.


The DWR Roslyn Studio helped make the Nassau County Museum of Art’s 2007 Surreal Ball – an event to kick off their “Surrealism: Dreams on Canvas” exhibit – into a veritable den of Dadaist delights. We provided Random Lights for ambiance, while Louis Ghost Chairs floated about the space. The Gehry Sofas made an apt backdrop for contortionists dressed in all black with white avant-garde hairdos sculpted from foam (celebrating this year’s honoree, nuBest salon owner Michael Mazzei). If you find yourself in Roslyn and couldn’t join us for the event, check out the exhibit, which will be on display through August 12. Plus, as an attempt to beautify the community and help expand the cultural and educational programs provided by the NCMA, they have started a banner campaign. Be sure to check out DWR’s banner on the corner of Mineola Avenue and Northern Boulevard.

Posted by John J. Fondrisi, Proprietor-DWR Rosyln Studio