McDonald’s goes fully licensed classic.


I’ve clearly taken large swigs of the DWR Kool-Aid. Let me explain: I was in London to see my fiancé perform with his band. I was walking through Camden on my way to the gig, when I spotted what I believed to be Egg chairs. I looked up to see the name of the establishment, because I thought to myself, “Who’s bold enough to put a bunch of fake Egg chairs in the window like that?”

Much to my surprise, I was looking right at the Golden Arches. McDonald’s! McDonald’s using Egg chairs? How could this be? Later that evening, I dragged my fiancé to the restaurant and we stood at the door like some kind of knock-off crusaders. What exactly would we do if we found out they were fakes? Would we call Ronald directly and complain? We marched in armed with a camera phone to take a photo of the “evidence.”

I was shocked to find that not only did all the seats have tiny red Fritz Hansen tags woven right into the seam but there were also authentic Series 7 and Swan chairs all throughout the dining room too!  I was tempted to put the Series 7 upside down and jump on it to prove its remarkable contract quality, but I was looking crazy enough jumping from chair to chair screaming, “It’s real! It’s real!” So I tried to leave more quietly than I arrived.

Posted by Melissa Howard, Studio Account Executive-DWR Rosyln.