Emeco or bust.


Emeco is consistently named a favorite manufacturer amongst DWR employees (see the 1006 Navy, Hudson and 1951 collections, just to name few). Maybe it is the small-town roots of the company. Perhaps it is their reinvention courtesy Philippe Starck and Norman Foster.  It could be the fact that the company uses 80% recycled aluminum in their seating. No matter whom you ask at DWR, you’ll always get the same response: We love Emeco. My personal favorite piece of Emeco trivia is the fact that their iconic Navy chair uses the butt mold of Betty Grable. Chairs don’t get better than that.

My friend Eric Lee and I took a scenic road trip through New York, Pennsylvania, Marylandand D.C. last week.  One of our stops was Emeco’s headquarters in Hanover, Pennsylvania. It was a short, but memorable, experience. The Emeco plant seems almost untouched since the 1950s. The windows are mirrored, and the factory is small, uncluttered and full of chairs. I got to tour their “museum,” an interactive display and work room full of prototypes and one-offs. If only the powder-coated pink Navy chair had seen the light of day.  Julian Schnabel would surely snap some up.