Sunday in the park with Robert Royston.


When my wife and I bought our Eichler home six years ago, we never knew it would lead us to a game of petanque at the home of the world-renowned landscape architect Robert Royston. This past Sunday it all came to be. After discovering the original plans for our garden in our kitchen cabinets, my wife Iris tracked them down to the offices of Royston, Hanamoto, Alley and Abey. Robert Royston, along with Thomas Church and Garrett Eckbo, was one of the most influential landscape architects in America during the ’50s and ’60s (see the September 2007 issue of Dwell magazine for more on these legends). As it turns out, RHAA is still a functioning landscape architecture and urban planning firm with headquarters in Mill Valley, California, and, along with senior partner J.C. Miller, we have been working with them to restore our garden back to its original glory. During this time we’ve had the great pleasure of meeting Robert Royston on a number of occasions, who is still practicing landscape design at the young age of 80+ years. Still full of life and sharp as a tack, he plays a mean game of petanque and certainly gave our team a run for it’s money.

Learn more about Robert Royston in the recently released book, Modern Public Gardens: Robert Royston and the Suburban Park.

Posted by Micheal Sainato, DWR Art Director.