Pick a cube, win a prize.

Jusseaume_3_4  Cubits_2

Congratulations to the winners of our Cubit-Creativity Contest. Our first place winner is Yvette Jusseaume who showcases her creativity in using Cubitec as a room divider that doesn’t let a classic old radiator stand in its way. “We didn’t suspect how much the Cubitec versatility would end up helping us work around a beautiful radiator,” says Yvette.

The contest’s runner-up prize goes to Elizabeth Saunders who used Cubits to create a baking station in her kitchen. We love the addition of the marble top (a salvage piece that fit perfectly), which Elizabeth says allows Cubits to do double duty as a buffet/sideboard when guests come for dinner. “It’s a very flexible set up that can evolve as I think up new ways to make my small house work more efficiently,” says Elizabeth.

Congratulations to our winners, and a round of applause to everyone who entered.