Glass Mecca.


On Tuesday, a group of about 20 DWR employees were taken on a private tour of Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan, CT. We were guests of the architect Alex Cooper of Cooper, Robertson & Partners. It was a perfect fall-foliage day and every one of us was mesmerized by the property, the history and the stories. Rumored to be the prototype, a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Couch sat in front of a glass door leading out to dramatic landscapes. If only it could talk about those who sat upon it.

We saw paintings by Warhol and Frank Stella.  We stood where, just weeks prior, Florence Knoll Bassett commented on how the house was somewhat different from her previous trips, though it had remained basically unchanged.  She attributed the change to the one thing there that does change: Mother Nature. While strolling out of the house, Jens Risom walked right on up to us. He’d come to greet the DWR folks and tell even more stories of the property. We love Jens. And his license plate simply spells “JENS.” Adorable.

I know it is sold out for a year, but please make the journey.  It is a trip to Mecca for all Modernist souls. Pictures here.