Trubridge in Los Angeles


Join us in welcoming David Trubridge to Los Angeles.  He will be in the Beverly Blvd studio this Thursday to lead a discussion on how his time in Antarctica has inspired his recent work, including his Trubridge pendants.  David is New Zealand’s best known furniture designer and regularly exhibits overseas in Japan, North America and Europe.  His presentation will include a slide show and Q&A. 

We recently received the 5 foot Koura pendant and were delighted to find the crate is fashioned from the template for the coordinating Coral Pendant. The Koura pendant is almost as tall as the people who create it!  Koura is part of a new ethical design series by David Trubridge that is being developed as a result of his Antarctica Arts Fellow experience.  Koura is the Maori name for the fresh-water crayfish, whose curled shape is reflected in the light.

We will be giving away a Coral Pendant, signed and presented by David, to one lucky attendee the night of the event.  If you would like to RSVP for the event please follow the link:

Susie Cordes

 Studio Proprietor, Beverly Blvd.