Louisville lodging.

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Sometimes inspiration arrives in an unusual package. Living in D.C., one would assume it would come from the vast Smithsonian collections. But my recent earthquake of inspiration came from a perfect hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. I heard about the hotel, 21C, years ago and have yearned to visit it since. 21C stand for 21st-century art. The hotel and its galleries are packed with it, they feature pieces made by only living artists.

The experience is worth keeping it on your radar. Stay, dine and gaze at pieces from this phenomenal collection without any barriers. I sat beneath an opera singing chandelier by Werner Reiterer in the lobby, sipped wine inches from a Chuck Close and descended a cement staircase to a wall filled with heart-stopping photography by Peiter Hugo.

The aesthetic is modern, the staff is excellent and down to earth, the restaurant and bar, Proof, serves up food that rivals the top eateries of San Francisco or New York. The hotel is just one of the developments churning the development of a great little downtown…all the while, supporting living, modern artists, and inspiring the rest of us.

Posted by Ann Blackwell, Studio Proprietor, Georgetown