Line ’em up.


Around this time last year, Apple introduced the iPhone – and it was a mad house around the Southlake Studio. People started gathering in line the evening before the release date. Well, Apple is at it again, this year promising the iPhone G3 to be “twice as fast” and “half the price.” And the public is listening. This morning when I opened the Studio, I found four young men (the first of many, I’m sure) taking refuge from the Texas sun in the entryway (luckily they brought their own chairs). I’m sure they’ll be a bit groggy tomorrow, so we will be providing Starbucks Coffee and bottled water for our sidewalk campers at 7am. Gonna be there? Stop by the Studio to check out the Geneva Sound System, the perfect complement to the new iPhone.

Posted by E. David Goltl, Proprietor, Southlake Studio