David Lynch in the Studio.



An idea from two years ago became a reality on July 31, when we hosted David Lynch in the Los Angeles, Beverly Blvd Studio. Three-time Oscar nominee, Lynch is among the leading filmmakers of our era. From the early seventies to the present day, Lynch’s popular and critically acclaimed film projects are internationally recognized for breaking down the wall between art-house cinema and Hollywood moviemaking. His gracious manner and inspiring insights to his creative process, entwined with his 30-year commitment to Transcendental Meditation, provided the platform for a very colorful Q&A. Lynch described the experience of “diving within” and “catching” ideas like fish, and then preparing them for television or movie screens, and other mediums in which he works, such as painting, music and design. During the event, our book sponsor, Book Soup, sold every copy it had of Lynch’s new book, “Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness and Creativity.” For those who did not want to leave the event empty handed, we offered Lynch’s signature roasted coffee. (It’s delicious by the way.)


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