(Design) dreams realized.

Today at the DWR Fort Mason warehouse sale, many dreams were fulfilled. Peter and Scott chose the best Albero sofa ever. By warehouse standards that means matching cushions and legs that weren’t bent. They also chose a one-of-a-kind Saarinen Executive chair (see Time Life) in a special order and much sought after fabric. Though they didn’t NEED it, the chair was so fabulous they knew their home had to have it.

The next memorable customer who had a dream come true was a college student (from Cranbrook, hello!) who NEEDED an asymmetrical Bertoia chaise. To anyone in the know, no one NEEDS such a beautiful piece. It’s something to be visually enjoyed and lounged in at every glamorous opportunity.

And lastly, we found a young woman who in all of her years hadn’t had a new sofa in 20 of them. Her next 20 years will be spent in 20 more of comfort. The generous discount almost brought her to tears (of joy).

For all the reasons above you have to make time on Sunday August 10th to visit and realize the dreams that you’ve always had but never dared to make come true. The sale is over at 5pm so you better show up early. The trick is to hang out for awhile and rumor has it that prices get slashed mid afternoon. There will be two fierce boys with red pens who are determined to make dreams come true…

Edward McFarland, Studio Visuals Manager