Fashion forward.


The illustrator Robert Fontanelli had an all-too-quick show in Chelsea last week that I, unfortunately, missed. A friend sent me pictures on his iPhone of Fontanelli’s drawings which led me to his site. His work is a combination of fashion illustration and homoerotic imagery mixed with the fetishism of all things mid-century modern. Some of the images are sexy (“Storage”) while others are, somewhat, disturbing ("Rape of Red Eames Chair #1"). All of them are, in my humble opinion, brilliant.

  • Corey Grant Tippin “Mixed -Up “

    This seductive and intelligent new work of Mr Fontanelli
    is the antidote to the banal state of “acceptable”
    current illustration catagorized as homoerotic .
    He is a visual poet .
    I am honored to be representing some of his earlier studys : google Corey Grant Tippin “mixed-up”