Lofty ambitions.


DWR Atlanta partnered with LoftLife magazine for an event last Thursday to celebrate the second issue of this magazine dedicated to exploring loft living in the city. With panelists from LoftLife and the interior design world, and a Studio crowded with experts on the subject, we had a lively discussion on the non-negotiable characteristics of a loft and how to fill the space. We thoroughly dissected the challenges of open-plan living, smart storage solutions and multi-use furniture. It raised enthusiasm for the Annual Castleberry Hill Loft Tour, which was held a couple days later. Castleberry Hill is a Landmark Historic District, on the southwestern edge of downtown Atlanta, where former factory warehouse spaces have found new life as live/work lofts, cutting-edge art galleries, shops and restaurants. The evening was both inspiring and entertaining.

Kimberly Leach, Studio Proprietor, Atlanta Studio