DWR: Kitchen Debuts.


On January 21, a hardy group of design editors, writers, architects and developers in New York braved the cold to attend the official launch of DWR: Kitchen, now available to order through the DWR SoHo Studio. To celebrate that the kitchen system is made in the U.S., the crowd munched on deviled eggs, BLTs, and mini cheeseburgers. Glasses were raised to the hardware-free fronts that give the kitchen its clean and timeless look, and more than one guest asked Nilus de Matran, the designer of DWR: Kitchen, how he approached the project. His response? "It was interesting working with a company known for furniture. For DWR my idea was to also think of the kitchen as furniture, so that the kitchen flows into the dining room, living room or other areas of the house." Much was made of the ability to reconfigure the modular units as needs change, or to move an entire kitchen from home to home ("It's perfect," as one guest quipped, "for commitment-phobes!").