Worlds collide.


One of the many perks of living in New York is the opportunity to get a glimpse into worlds unrelated to your own. If you work in the fashion industry, you’ve been spending the past week attending runway shows and studio presentations, meeting with designers, and seeing – or selecting – what will be on the racks five months from now. Occasionally the world of fashion and furniture intersect, as they did at Tom Scott’s installation, held in a Midtown Manhattan storefront. For his Fall/Winter 2009 presentation, Tom, a fashion designer known for quirky architectural knits that can be worn in multiple ways, filled the abandoned shop with bewigged mannequins, racks of “I heart NY” wire hangers, and furniture from DWR. Tom spoke about his pieces at a Product Placement event in DWR’s Flatiron Studio in January, and decided then that DWR would work with his concept for the installation. We’re excited to be part of his vision, and to wear the gathered back sweater shown on the mannequin above come September!